Item Selection Setup//  Product Detail Pages

We understand the Amazon detail page and what information drives each section.  Managing your products properly is a critical part of your business with Amazon.  We will manage the New Item Setup process and ongoing catalog maintenance for your brand, ensuring complete, accurate data and utilizing the detail page as your primary sales pitch to the customer.  This includes Title and bullet/description optimization as well as image and video loading

Purchase Orders / Fulfillment

Weekly monitoring and reporting of bulk and replenishment orders.  Support your operations team with fulfillment best-practices to minimize chargebacks.

Catalog Management

Weekly review and update to ASIN replenishment status to assist in order management.  Update pricing on existing items pre-season, in-season and post season as needed.  Find and fix incorrect catalog variations.

Forecast Demand Planning

Weekly review of demand forecast at Style, Style Color and Size levels, against orders and available to sell.  Identify inventory gaps and provide suggested orders against your Available to Sell.


We regularly scrape product reviews for information to support optimization of product listings.  Comment on reviews as manufacturer.

Price Management.jpg

Execute the established pricing strategy by SKU

MAP Monitoring & Reporting

  • Provide detailed reporting to assist with determining MAP offenders with no upcharge on SKU count. 
  • Paying employees to monitor Amazon offenders incurs high costs and frustrating results.
  • Proof of violations are submitted to the customer to take action. This includes weekend and evening monitoring, when offenses are most likely.
  • Assistance in locating unauthroized sellers on Amazon who are not approved to sell the product 


Plan and execute keyword marketing strategies to hit sales, impressions and ROI targets through Sponsored Products, Headline and Product Display Ads. Search term analysis and CPC management.  Product listing keyword optimization through search term findings.

Brand Store

Develop a curated shopping and education experience using Amazon brand stores.  Work within AMS strategy to direct traffic to your brand store. Direct traffic externally to Amazon brand store pages.

A+ Detail

Increase conversions and educate shoppers by developing enhanced A+ content on relevant listings.

Promotional Planning

Plan and execute promotional strategy, including best deal, lightning and coupon promotion.  Full analysis of sales and demand impact.

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Interactive // Relevant // Analytics

We pull and archive data from Vendor Central, providing you with key performance indicator trend views not available in Vendor Central.  This information is updated on a weekly basis, shared in a format relevant to your business. This includes but is not limited to: sales and inventory trends, week over week sell thru, returns, replenishment status, demand forecast, in-stock and available to sell, order fulfillment, etc.

Search Term and Campaign Analysis

We monitor and report campaign and search term impressions, average cost of sale, average-cost per click, and other conversion metrics against established profitability goals.